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Perform three miracles [Dec. 30th, 2004|11:51 am]
For those who ~confess all~ when it comes to love


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[music |slave to love]

Can we perform miracles?


and that is excactly what I plan on doing

see I have two friends one has an aweful family life and her brother is the son of satan she lives is a house that would make hell look homey and her mother is totally incompetant

so what I want to do is step in their and do whatever I can to make her family better

my second friend thinks she has the worst life in the world and the worst parents....she's wrong

actually she is rather spoiled and she acts up to get her parents attention and the more she does this the less attention she gets

what I want to do with her is have her do some charity work with me so that she may see just how fortunate she is

but the only problem there is she is sooo lazy because she is so spoiled I will have to do my very best to snap that silly little girl out of her material world and bring her into one where people do not get money handed over to them every second

but she isnt a bad person in fact she is very loving and sensitive but she just has bad habits and she thinks being rebellious makes her cool we are all too image concious these days

Now all I need is a third problem to solve

can any help me to find one?